Add user-friendly to the archive of now meaningless marketing phrases

I saw a release recently for a company that was changing its name and releasing a new version of its product.

The big pitch was that the new version was “a game changer, as it is the most user-friendly DS application available at a price that is hard to beat.”

With some notable exceptions, damn near every platform out there in digital signage is pretty user-friendly. They’re pretty much all powerful platforms, at least in some sense. They can pretty much all do real-time content. And the so-called game gets changed every morning with the latest round of press releases.

At this point, user-friendly is going to be a given in the looking-for-software filter of even nominally educated buyers. It’s like leading the push by saying, “Our platform lets you schedule videos to play one after another!!!” The big value propositions have to be things that help a company stand out from the mob.

Saying the stuff is advanced doesn’t do it. Real-time isn’t going to make people tingle. To market in such a competitive environment, the people who make the marketing calls for software companies have to ensure what they put out in PR and anything else raises eyebrows instead of triggering yawns.

Choose your value propositions carefully and find ones that actually set you apart.

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  • Benjamin McHugh says:

    If you use “game changer” in your lead, you’ve got enough problems to worry about.

    If your company invents a truly disruptive technology, describe it in vivid concrete terms and let the technology speak for itself. “Game changer” reveals to the reader that you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

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