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DS PR 101: Watch out for walls … of type

A press release came in today from a company that was humping something … about something.

Honestly, I didn’t read it. It looked like too much work.

It wasn’t all that long. Just dense, with type.

The release was all of three paragraphs long, because the person who put it together somehow decided that made sense … or there is poison on the Enter key on his or her keyboard and they just din’t want to touch it. The net result was a wall of type, with the first paragraph containing roughly 100 words. Yup, 100.

Sorry, that looks like way too much work to slog through and digest.

Take a look at how most information is presented in modern media, be that magazines or newspapers. The paragraphs are tight and organized by ideas and messages. You don’t have to pile everything into the first paragraph because it’s ALL so important.

Create some rhythm. Write a tight leading paragraph that is enough to grab people and draw them into the message.

Big blocks of type are like walls, and there’s nothing forcing people to climb them when they can just skip on by and read something else that doesn’t look like so much work.